Custom Services



If we don't stock the timber product you require, we can most likely custom make it for you.

Our custom services include:
  • Thicknessing
  • Moulding
  • Topping
  • Morticing
  • Rip saw
  • Lattice custom made to measure
  • Pegs/stakes treated pine or hardwood made to order
  • Licensed treatment tank facility - CCA treatment available to your timber in H3 (above ground) or H4 (ground contact)
  • Crane truck deliveries
  • Crane truck hire

All products can be delivered.

Product treatments

Product treatments — timber in Ballina, NSW
B & B Timbers Ballina supplies timber products for most landscaping and building uses. We also carry all hardware associated with the installation and fixing of our timber products.

Our extensive range of treated pine products is available in stock of CCA with limited ACQ and LOSP available on request dependent on use.


CCA (Copper chromium arsenic) is Australia's most widely used wood preservative. Despite containing arsenic, it has been safely used for over fifty years.

Used worldwide for a vast range of applications, CCA, has helped meet the ever-growing demand for building products. CCA treatment is effective and relatively inexpensive. It can extend the life of in-ground radiata pine from a just a few years to over forty years. Treatment of timber with CCA is regulated and approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

The use of CCA treated timber for structures where there is frequent and intimate human contact (for example playground equipment; picnic tables, garden seating; balustrading and decking) is restricted by the APVMA. CCA treated timber has not been banned for use in the overwhelming majority of industrial, commercial, agricultural and marine applications.


Tanalised ® ECOWOOD New Generation Copper Azole based timber treatment incorporating copper and an organic azole co-biocide.
Tan-E is a copper-based, water borne wood preservative formulation containing the triazole fungicide tebuconazole as a co-biocide. Copper azole based preservatives are used widely throughout the world and are covered by international patents. TANALISED ® E is used for the protection of softwood and hardwood timber against fungal decay, borers and termites. It should only be used for vacuum-pressure impregnation treatment of timber in approved industrial facilities.


ACQ treated pine is a newer method of treating pine that doesn't use arsenic, providing the end-user with more peace of mind.

ACQ (Alkaline copper quaternary) is a preservative system designed to provide long-term protection to wood exposed to exterior applications. The ACQ system combines copper with a quaternary ammonium compound and like the CCA process, is applied to the timber by pressure.

ACQ is an effective fungicide and insecticide. It provides protection against a broad spectrum of decaying fungi, borer and termites. Its performance is virtually equal to CCA treatment. ACQ treated pine looks much the same as CCA treated pine, starting out green in colour, then weathering to grey over time.


(Light organic solvent preservative)
LOSP (Light organic solvent preservative) is another form of timber preservation treatment. LOSP is a white spirit-based treatment containing copper naphthenates and synthetic pyrethroids and other chemicals to provide protection from insects and decay.
The timber is usually machined and shaped before LOSP treatment is applied. As a result, if the timber is cut the cut ends must be resealed with a suitable sealant. LOSP treated timber is not suitable for in-ground use. LOSP timber is usually coated with an oil-based protective coating. This coating stabilises and protects the timber.