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Tornado Post Supports - High Wind

Tornado Post Supports - High Wind
90mm Post 100mm Post 115mm Post 125mm Post 140mm Post 150mm Post 200mm Post
450 300 600 600 600 600 750
600 375          

Full Stirrup with Leg - Post Anchors

Full Stirrup with Leg - Post Anchors
90mm Post 100mm Post 115mm Post 125mm Post 140mm Post 150mm Post 200mm Post
130 130 300 300      
200 200 450 450      
300 300 600 600      
450 450          
600 600          


Half Stirrup with Leg Post Anchors
90mm Post
Full Stirrup with Bolt Down Post Anchors

T Blade

T Blade
  • 240 T Blade x 8mm - 140 x 85 Base
  • 250 T Blade x 10mm - 140 x 115 Base
  • 250 T Blade x 10mm - 180 x 130 Base

Joist Supports

Joist Supports
  • 90 x 35
  • 90 x 38
  • 90 x 45
  • 90 x 50
  • 140 x 35
  • 140 x 45
  • 140 x 50
  • 180 x 45

Angles and Brackets

Angles and Brackets
40 x 40 x 40 40 x 40 x 40 50 x 50 x 50 40 x 80 x 40 50 x 100 x 50 40 x 40 x 230 50 x 105 x 50 Pergola 88 x 66 x 38
x5mm x5mm x5mm x5mm x5mm x2mm x5mm x1.6mm
M10 Hole M12 Hole M12 Hole M12 Hole M12 Hole 8mm Hole    

Timber Lok

Timber Lok - Universal 1mm

Timber Lok

Timber Lok - Mini 1mm

Triple Lok

Triple Lok - 1mm Left and Right

Hoop Iron

Hoop Iron
  • 0.8 x 30mm - 10m Roll
  • 0.8 x 30mm - 20m Roll
  • 0.8 x 30mm - 30m Roll

Foil Fasteners

Foil Fasteners

Cyclone Straps

Cyclone Straps
  • 400 x 1mm
  • 600 x 1mm

Connector Plate

Connector Plate
  • 100 x 60 - 0.75


CUTEK is a unique wood protection system that uses unique chemistry to protect your timber from the inside out. CUTEK is designed to minimise warping, cupping and splitting of your beautiful timber. CUTEK will never peel or flake. CUTEK simply enhances the natural beauty of the timber you selected without obscuring the grain, while providing outstanding protection from the elements.

It is ideal decorative and protective coating for exterior and interior projects. From outdoor decks and cladding to interior feature ceilings and everything in between.

CUTEK is a wood protection system that is recommended for the DIY person and the professional builder alike. It is easy to apply and easy to maintain. There is no requirement to avoid "lap marks" on a hot sunny day. In many cases, when CUTEK is applied to new timbers, you will be able to coat and fix your timber in the same day without any need for "pre-weathering". CUTEK coated timber (with no colourtone added) can also be wet stacked without affecting or damaging the appearance of the dried coating.

Unlike other products, CUTEK wood coatings have an accumulative benefit in the timber with each recoat, no matter how long maintenance has been neglected. This means that the money you spend on your beautiful timber today is never wasted.

So, if you want to protect your investment and care for your timber, choose CUTEK and copy the professionals.

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Easy Mix Concrete is a high strength concrete mix that finishes to a smooth high-quality finish. It is a pre-blended mix of dry aggregate, graded sand and cement.

Recommended for:

  • Small slabs
  • Path
  • Footings
  • Garden edging

Also suitable for:

  • Letterbox posts
  • Fence posts
  • Clotheslines

Rapid Set Concrete

The high strength capabilities of Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete make it ideal for quick setting structural footings in place when time maybe an issue.

It is a premixed, bagged product that contains accurately weighed Portland cement, specially graded coarse and fine aggregates and quality admixtures. It includes a non-chloride accelerator, which ensures a far more rapid setting time compared to standard concrete.

Recommended for:

  • Pergola Posts
  • Fence Posts
  • Signs
  • Footings
  • General concrete area where a quick setting time is required.

Post Mix Concrete

Easy Mix Post Mix Concrete is specially designed for simply non-structural concreting where surface finish is not important.

It is a premixed, bagged product containing accurately weighed Portland cement with specially graded coarse and fine aggregates. It can be used wet or dry.

Recommended for:

  • Fence posts
  • Clothes lines
  • Garden lights
  • Letterbox posts
  • Swings

GP Cement

Easy Mix GP Cement is a general purpose high quality cement ideal for most construction jobs. Our General Purpose Cement meets Type GP requirements complying with the Australian Standard AS3972. This highly versatile General Purpose Cement is suitable for a wide range of concrete applications.

Recommended for:

  • Concrete
  • Mortar
  • Render
  • Plaster
  • Foundations
  • Any project requiring a high strength cement.

Retain It


An easy to use solution for creating solid, aesthetically pleasing retaining walls from timber sleepers.

A retaining post system that provides a snug fit so that the sleeper is dropped in and immediately secure. No packing or fastening is required.

As functional as it is beautiful, the system has the strength and long-life of high tensile, galvanised steel; and, is flexible enough to cater to single, double and triple sleeper heights.

50mm Width Timber Sleepers

Width Timber Sleepers

75mm Width Timber Sleepers

Width Timber Sleepers

Sleeper Stakes

Sleeper Stakes are easy to use staking solution for timber sleepers. These are available in flat or corner configuration for single sleeper height garden beds and edging. Simply lay out your sleepers, drive the stake into the ground, and nail or screw through pre-drilled holes to secure your timber sleeper border.

  • 450mm Sleeper Stake - Corner
  • 450mm Sleeper Stake - Flat

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